Computer company (NDA)

The company has become a prominent player in the computer market, offering top-tier products, cutting-edge accessories, immersive gaming, and unmatched services for exceptional entertainment value.

The Challenge

(NDA) came to PurpleLight HUB to take complete control of the marketing side of things. The company tried to run their marketing in-house but to no avail. Their average ROAS stood at 1.25, and because they couldn't have a good day-to-day data analysis, they were giving more budget to the low-performing ads.
(NDA) wanted to better their ROAS and scale their business as quickly as possible. And for that, they were willing to invest the proper funds.

To meet our objectives, we identified the following requirements:

  • Introduce irresistible offering campaigns
  • Create and discover new target audiences for TOF.
  • Improve ROAS and test different creative.

PLH solution

Thanks to (NDA) experience, they understand that marketing is more than meets the eye. Therefore they completely trusted us and were willing to invest in their company's future.

Based on a high marketing budget, we decided to go all in and create a deep and robust A\B testing stage and create offerings tailored to the target audience with a goal in mind, to improve ROAS as quickly as possible.

facebook ads

  • A Robust A/B testing phase for quick ROAS improvement.
  • Source and create multiple target audiences for the TOF stage. 
  • offerings tailored to the target audience.


  • A Variety of creatives designed specifically for special offerings.

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$ K

the result

Our hard work paid off, and in 6 m/o, we generated $130K in sales. PurpleLight HUB has managed through proper performance PPC marketing and accurate creative work to turn a lousy 1.25 ROAS to 3.1 ROAS on average and take (NDA) to the beginning of their scaling journey.

We created a strong foundation and confidence that we will keep providing excellent results for (NDA) for many years to come!

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