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We take pride in our work and approach each project with a vibrant energy and a genuine love for what we do. We are excited to present the following results for you to review and evaluate.

Noteworthy Marketing Wins by:

purplelight hub

(NDA) scaled yearly revenue from $134,842 in 2021 to $811,750 in 2022.

(NDA) scaled revenue from $383,636 to $448,854 through optimization alone. 

Coffee manufacture (NDA) turned 6757.49£ to 39.737.50£ in one month.

(NDA) Scaled from $54K to $110K in one month.

An agency (NDA) turned 10,524.12£ to 89,052.46£ in one month.

A clothing company (NDA) turned 1897.35$ to 13,490.15$ in one month.

case Studies presented by:

purplelight hub

Environmental Advocates

Computer Hardware

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