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While there is a profitable opportunity in the lead gen side of marketing, PuepleLight HUB decided to dedicate itself to ROI-focused, performance-based marketing. The rush of creating breathtaking ROIs for our clients through calculated plans of “attack” is a rush of no other.

As a diverse collective, we have experience in many niches and roles, and seeing the narrative through many perspectives is only one of our strengths you can take advantage of while working with us.

With vibrant youth, a wide variety of expertise and excellent company culture, we take small to medium-sized businesses and turn them into powerhouses at any niche via Meta (Facebook) & Google’s paid ads systems!

What are your goals?

increase revenue by 200-400%

Your eCommerce business is running and you are looking to steadily and safely increase your revenue. You don’t want to break the cycle, yet you are looking for a simple and passive way to increase your earnings.

Stop dealing with marketing

Your eCommerce brand is struggling. You feel that every solution you take is temporary and not moving you in the right direction. You are looking to unburden yourself from marketing as a whole.

The WIN WIN WIN Policy

Our philosophy is all about creating wins for everyone involved. Based on past experience, we know that the marketplace is infinite, and there is no limit to our client earnings opportunities. That’s why we can create a triple-win situation where the client enjoys thick ROIs, our employees bring more than just food to the table, and PLH owners are able to enjoy the fruit of their labor while resting peacefully at night.

Success driven by results

NDA - Environmental Advocates

We took an environmental advocate business from 1 purchase to 121 purchases with 2.25 ROAS!

NDA Computer

See how we took a computer hardware company from a lousy 1.25 ROAS all the way to 3.36! 

How will we create for you these results

Study your niche to the teeth.

Designate a small & mission-oriented team

Create realistic & achievable targets.

Optimise & increase earnings.

Limited active customers:

we have a cap of 15 active customers simultaneously to ensure highly personalized attention and quality service.

Brain & heart coherence:

we understand emotion and cold numbers. Applying the two to your business campings creates an everlasting profit machine.

Potent mix of culture:

By acquiring talent worldwide, we ensure a birds-eye view over the markets, all so you can enjoy the most relevant campaigns time after time.

Optimise for profitability

We have zero offices & zero unnecessary expenses. All to ensure the most significant profit margin for our clients’ businesses.

Tailored user experience:

We do not use copy & paste methods; we study your niche & brand hard for tailoring the perfect user experience for your customers.

Clear path communication:

We work in small teams to ensure clear data transformation, a fact that will keep your brand identity clear & unique.

Enhance marketing, and outsource with confidence.

Our WIN WIN WIN policy is so effective that our client retention stands at 92%; all stems from our blunt forwardness, our clear path of communication and our brilliant team. We offer cash-back guarantees and charge fixed prices for stability and take pride in consistently creating wealth for our clients, leveraging a graceful and calm approach.

You have landed on one lucrative corner of the internet, and if you are an eCommerce business owner, then our proven strategies can help you achieve your deepest business desires. While specific results may vary, our clients are seen significant growth consistently within the first 30-90 days and continue to thrive in the long run.

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You won't leave a dime on the table

Creating wealth for our clients is what keeps us moving day in and day out. Clear deliverability and quality funnels are our life work, and we are grateful for marketing, our deepest passion.

  • Increasing AOV & CLV
  • Building cross-platform funnels
  • Creating engaging & rememberable creatives
  • Building winning marketing strategies & tactics
  • Understanding end consumers’ emotions and psychology


May sound like cold and unsatisfying work, and for the majority, it is.

But for us, it’s exciting!

From 1st touchpoint with a client all the way to the preferable outcome, we are in a youthful-like state, feeling excited and in awe. The journey of clients’ ad accounts from an unprofitable to a money-printing machine is what captures our hearts & souls. So if you end up choosing PLH, rest assured you’re, like our other clients, in good hands.

Say good bye to frustration over marketing..

And say hello to PurpleLight HUB!

schedule a free, non string attached, 15 min Zoom discovery call with us:

Or send us a message, and we will take care of it for you!

Ty Is waiting for you!

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