wildlife education company (NDA)

NDA educate people on caring for all living things and understanding their environments. their mission is to inspire children to become wildlife advocates through imagination and play.

The Challenge

(NDA) team reached out to PurpleLight HUB to do damage control after a bad experience with an unprofessional digital marketing agency. Their need is simple, to scale quickly as possible and optimise their KPIs.
We took over the account when the company had only 1 running campaign that generated only 1 sale.

To meet our objectives, we identified the following requirements:

  • Restructure the entire marketing funnel and create new audiences for A/B testing
  • Retarget cart abandoners with special offers.
  • Better the conversion rate and test different creative.

PLH solution

By this point (NDA) had little-non success in the digital marketing arena. Being a brand with a mission bigger than business (Saving wildlife worldwide) led us to deep marketing research on a variety of wildlife advocates to expand the potential target audience in the TOF stage and lower CPA

We also created a variety of creatives for A\B testing and made a retarget audience specific for cart abandoners with unique offerings.

facebook ads

  • A Re-targeting audience for cart abandoners with testimonials and special offers.


  • Source and create multiple target audiences for the TOF stage. 


  • A Variety of creatives with different market approaches for A/B testing.

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the result

Our endeavour has proven fruitful, and in just 81 days, we have created 297 purchases. PurpleLight HUB managed through Facebook ads and creative work alone to create a well-rounded campaign that took (NDA) back on the right path and set the ground for balanced and profitable scaling.

We created a strong foundation and confidence that we will keep providing excellent results for (NDA) for many years to come!

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