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Good morning sunshine. If you aren’t using Chat GPT by now and are an eCommerce business owner, you are giving yourself a tougher time than you think.


Of course, you have created a strong and profitable eCommerce store in the last few years, and that success cannot be taken from you. Yet times change, and a new technological powerhouse grows underneath your nose.


Some say Chat GPT will revolutionise the markets, just like the introduction of print, cell phones or the internet. So now is the GOLDEN time to start using it and get an early start on the fixed-minded, late arrivals competitors.


But why must Chat GPT4 be a major part of your working flow, and how can you leverage its INFINITE amount of data to your needs?

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Before we dive into the needy greedy details, let’s discuss the #1 mistake most eCommerce business owners make, they formulate decisions based on the knowledge of few.


As a human being, our knowledge is limited. Although we have an exceptional ability, as a species, to analyse and draw conclusions, when it comes to the never-ending and always expanding commerce battlefield, we stand no chance. On average, 45% of businesses fail during their 1st 5 years of operation. The common trait of them all is a heavy reliance on the knowledge of a few highly talented yet narrow-minded (in comparison to mass knowledge) leaders.


But it doesn’t apply to failed businesses only. On average, 86% of businesses will achieve 65% of their potential monetary gain. That means that out of every 100 businesses, only 14 will be truly “successful” while the other will miss out on a 35% increase in revenue, all thanks to the reliance on the knowledge of few.


And for this particular reason, data is the most sought-after resource in the world and is considered the oil of the future. Just like oil took a crucial role in creating a new economy in the industrial revolution times, data will do the same in the technological revolution’s current state.


And there is no more exciting time to be alive as an eCommerce business owner than the boom of ChatGPT4!

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Chat GPT is a chatbot that knows almost EVERYTHING. He’s like a brilliant adviser that knows everything the world knows. The bot’s intelligence is based on the information the internet stores, and the advice he provides is based on mass knowledge of the entire planet.

Let’s say that as an eCommerce business owner, you want to increase your AOV through pricing optimisation. Instead of acquiring the opinion of a few talented peers in the field or paying for a mentor, you just go to Chat GPT and ask him.

You see? That is the power of Chat GPT, which is like acquiring INFINITE advisers that analyse the INFINITE amount of data there is in the world. And the magic is it can be applied to anything!

Need advice on how to cut your fulfilment expenses? Ask Chat GPT.

Need a review of your business plan? Ask Chat GPT.

Need to consulate on the next profitable product to your roster. Ask chat GPT.

You can ask him anything, and he will happily give you all the necessary information.

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The beauty of Chat GPT is its human-like nature. You ask him a question and get a response based on your question. Or in other words, prompting the right command is the way to get ANY result you need. However, like any other human being, Chat GPT has limitations. He cannot read your mind, so for you to create the desired outcome, you need to ask the right questions.

For example: 

When I ask Chat GPT: “How to increase my AOV”? He will give me a broad answer for various ways to do so.

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But when I give him the proper details and ask him: “I own a clothing eCommerce business, and I want to know, please, how to increase my AOV through pricing optimisation?” The response he will generate will be more precise and to the point.

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The more you educate ChatGPT about your situation, the better the result. Just like hiring a new employee/coach and explaining to him about your situation.

And that is just the tip of the ice regarding Chat GPT capability. At PurpleLIght HUB, we have understood the prompting mechanics to the teeth. As a result, we can create profitable marketing funnels for all markets, all languages, and all currencies, all thanks to the INFINITE data of Chat GPT4.

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Rest assured, AI isn’t going to replace you, but a human who uses it will, which is the hard truth. As an eCommerce business owner, we suggest you be on the winning side of this equation. Take advantage of Chat GPT’s power for:

Market research

  • Customer relationship management
  • Pricing strategies
  • Inventory Management
  • Expansion and Diversification
  • Customer Support and Engagement
  • Data Analytics and Insights
  • Leverage Email Marketing
  • Enhance product descriptions and images

And much more, thanks to its INFINITE knowledge.

Table of Contents

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