The #1 Marketing tactic for eCommerce that generated 113K USD for our client in 1 m/o!

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As you have already understood, this particular article will talk to our eCommerce fanatics. It will reveal the #1 strategy that all eCommerce businesses HAVE TO KNOW and understand in order to enjoy BREATHTAKING ROIs in a short period of time.

But before we take you through the complex (and not so complex at the same time) marketing tactic, we need to understand the role this tactic will play in your eCommerce brand store’s overall yearly marketing strategy.

This tactic is perfect for short-term gains. For example, if you need to move stock quickly, want to create a selling proposition based on events (like holidays) or want to focus on a particular product. It also provides a massive drive of fresh customers to the TOF (Top Of Funnel) stage.

It starts to get a bit complex, right? Let me make it simple…

Basically, this tactic drives enormous traffic to your landing page of new customers and pushes them to enter your paying customers w\o invest too much time into your brand. That is why it is so deadly in the short term, but if overutilized is bad for branding.

This tactic is so effective that it can scale up and down, run for an extremely short time (depending on brand authority), and be the best business move for fast growth and a shifty manoeuvre towards extremely high ROIs.

But to understand the tactic, we 1st need to understand the 4 steps needed to create familiarity and trust from our potential customers and successfully turn them into paying customers.




1st step: Obtainment (Hook them in): The 1st interaction of your potential clients with your brand, take cold customers and blast them with all the reasons why your product is the right one for them. In this phase, you turn a stranger into an acquaintance that is happy to talk with you but doesn’t care too much about you.

2nd step: Enticement (Make them feel): Make your potential clients see your product at their disposal and feel how it is to use it. Take a hooked client and make them invest in the brand in some shape or form. In this phase, you turn an acquaintance into a friend who enjoys meeting you but necessarily cares too much.

3ed step: Eagerness (Make them desire): Make your potential clients desire your brand. Make them want your product in their roster so severely that they are frantically looking for the “Buy Now” button. In this phase, you turn a friend into a lover who cares and wants you badly.

4th step: Purchase (Make them yours): Make your potential clients buy your product. Make them do it happily and turn them from potential customers into paying customers! In this phase, you give your lover what it wants, a piece of you.



EVERY sale funnel follows these steps, and the secret of our #1 tactic that helped us generate 113K USD in 1m/o is that it takes the potential customer through these steps at a 3X the speed of different tactics.

The speed of this process is the reason why it can be detrimental to branding tough. Although quick and big money sounds like a dream, we have to ensure we keep our brand agenda elusive and private enough to keep the element of burning curiosity alive for our potential customers. (We don’t want to be looked upon as “that money-driven brand”, we are standing for something bigger than money.)

But don’t get it wrong. If done correctly, your branding will not suffer. On the contrary, it will flourish and thrive thanks to a healthy market cycle and maintenance periods.

In fact, that marketing tactic is so effective and ROI-heavy that even the “top 1% brands” around the globe use this tactic every year like clockwork and move hundreds of thousand products worth hundreds of millions in a short period of time.

If done correctly, thanks to all tactic attributes, you can increase your yearly revenue by 68% to as high as 218% and sometimes even more…


But what is that tactic, and how can we implement it in your eCommerce brand store?

The 1# tactic that helped us create in 1m/o 113K USD to our small-medium size eCommerce brand store is:




The tactic evolved around basic human psychology. It is designed to control the screen of the potential customers so firmly and fire the right psychological triggers that will make them assume, based on the information we plant, that the only thing that will make them feel better about themselves, and give the never-ending feeling of emptiness and powerlessness the solution that they are yearning for their entire life, in their subconsciousness, is our product.

Yes, I know that’s a mouthful. In other words, we will poke their deepest and scariest fear. We will do so every time they consume screen time of any sort, and we will do so while directing them towards our product.

Now, I see how the words above can be interpreted as manipulative and deceitful, but bear in mind the entire process is happening in the subconscious and may vary for many people. As an eCommerce brand, our intention is PURE, and we never cross the line between manipulation (which is illegal) and marketing 101 (which is 100% legal, obviously).

And that is why this tactic works on every eCommerce niche and potential client, regardless of nationality or income level. Even if the potential customer acknowledges this tactic, he will buy.

 It always produces GIGANTIC ROI no matter what the circumstance.



The “Undeniable Truth, God-Like Reach” has many variations and is carried mainly around Meta (Facebook) advertisement system. Thanks to its sophisticated algorithm, it creates ROI ranging from 200% yield all the way to 600% yield and sometimes more!

The tactic is not complex because it works around a basic premise, control screen time. But to create BREATHTAKING ROI, you need to do so in a manner that will produce revenue and not antagonism to the brand. Which makes things much more complicated.

The tactic is based on retargeting your potential customers whenever they interact with your brand. Thanks to the amount of data we generate, the complex advertisement system of Meta (Facebook) turns it into a well-oiled money generator. But the fun doesn’t stop there.


The ad system can now generate new customers based on the existing behaviours of the current audience and create a boost of ROI worth tens of thousands of dollars and sometimes even hundredths of thousands of dollars, MONTHLY!  

And that is why the “Undeniable Truth, God-Like Reach” tactic is the #1 tactic for eCommerce brands. You are always on the screen of infinite target audiences based on paying customers consuming behaviours.

But don’t get too excited, most of the time, marketing agencies and, especially freelancers, can’t create those types of ROIs. That is why it is crucial to find a specialized social media marketing agency (SMMA) that achieved such results in the past and can do it again confidently.

Usually, when you think of a marketing agency, you think of giant companies that have hundreds of employees, but they are usually FUMBLE THE BAG. They can never achieve mind-blowing ROIs due to the deadliest illness that attacks SMMA’s worldwide these days, information distortion. 

On the other hand, small teams, usually between 3-5 people, create those 300%, 400% and 500% ROIs pretty often thanks to close communications and a shared vision for the brand.

And the funny thing is that people still think that the smaller the fee, the larger the ROI, but the harsh truth is that the smaller the price, the larger the amount of customers the agency needs to hold, the more department, and the more information gets obliterated do to insufficiency ways of communications.

And in an industry based around data and information, the more steps the information needs to pass through, the more distorted it gets, and the less money the end client earns (eCommerce brands).

And that is the beauty of small team agencies, the ability to transfer information is quick and efficient, the vision the team shares for the “Undeniable Truth, God-Like Reach” tactic is aligned, and the entire team is able to create ridiculous ROIs on the regular.


And that is precisely how we at PurpleLight HUB created for our eCommerce client 113K USD in a SINGLE month. We combine our expertise in worldwide market penetration (a bonus) with the “Undeniable Truth, God-Like Reach” tactic. Thanks to a coherent vision and clear communication, we orchestrated an outstanding campaign with 8.46 ROI and earned 113K USD.

Yes, 8.46 Return On Investment, that’s an 846% increase, WILD.

If you have come this far into the article, you know, deep inside of you, that your eCommerce brand deserves that type of ROI. You are actively trying to find solutions and new creative ways to create money and wealth, and with a mindset like yours, the sky’s the limit! 

But for you to achieve the goals you believe you can achieve and even more so, you need the right marketing agency that will take the burden of marketing out off your plate, and her sole purpose is to help you achieve the status “top 1% eCommerce brand”, you need PurpleLight HUB.



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So don’t hesitate. Take action NOW.

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