Why outsourcing your marketing is the best business decision you can do as an eCommerce business owner.

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Congratulations, your store is up and running and making good and steady money. Your bank account starts to fill up, and everything indicates that you are on the right track to financial freedom. The time goes by, and before you can blink, a year has passed.

Suddenly, something changes…


Like every cycle of seasons, winter has arrived upon your business, and for some unclear reasons, your business has plateaued.

You work around the clock to figure out how to get back on track while maintaining the current scenario of your business, and everything seems to be stuck or, even worse, on a downhill spiral …

What I’ve described is a natural phenomenon in the business world called “business entropy”. Many business owners, either offline or online, are experiencing this phenomenon and the common feature of them all is that they hold the exact mindset described above.


The #1 reason why many hard working entrepreneurs are experiencing this phenomenon is a disease planted in our minds from childhood and threatening to keep us on a sheep-like mindset.

This disease is so well orchestrated and deeply embedded into our development process as human beings that it is almost uncontrollable and, in the subconscious, stirs us to mediocrity and a “slave like” glass ceiling above our heads.

This disease spread around the school courtyard, infecting almost everyone who takes part in the everyday school curriculum.

While physically, this disease does not harm you, the elite, the richest of them all, those experiencing true financial freedom, will say that it kills everyone who accepts it as a way of life.


You are probably wondering what the hell I’m talking about. Let me break it down for you…


Do you remember back in the days the feeling when a big test was presented to you and the entire classroom was silent?

The feeling came with knowing that the “money time” has arrived and now “I must perform or else I’m a failure”?

These emotions are the #1 reason businesses in general and eCommerce businesses in particular plateau and die. The feeling of “I must perform”.

Now don’t get me wrong, performing well on your tasks and creating the best outcome possible is the way to succeed in your business journey. Still, the problem is that in order to create the best possible outcome, your focus needs to be directed to only a handful of tasks and not the entire business operation.


Now this idea sounds pretty intuitive, yet for some reason, so many eCommerce owners fail to release control, but why is that?



Your emotion is a complex profile of many chemicals that releases into your body simultaneously. That is why when you are happy, you feel energised, unlike when you are sad and feeling a lack of energy.

These natural chemicals behave in the same manner as synthetic ones. So while your body can be addicted to hard drugs, it can very quickly be addicted to the same emotional (neutral chemical) profile taught for an extended period.

You see, you have difficulty releasing control and keep choosing to do things by yourself because you were designed to do so. So when they tell you “cheating is bad”, forbid you from talking in class and sharing your knowledge to solve a problem (test), or the worst of them all when they punish you for sharing your knowledge.

From the 1st day in school, until you achieve your PhD, the program is designed to keep you on a solitary, time=value formula.


But the harsh truth is that time=value is too simple for the infinite world of possibility, and the entire formula is false when applied to a business.



You see, outsourcing your marketing is the best business decision you could ever make because it eliminates this idiotic equation of time=value. Instead of you, as an eCommerce business owner, dedicating your entire time to creating, monitoring and thinking about ads, you take a company whose sole purpose is to create for you a system that does not depend on your time and make you tens if not hundredth thousand of dollars, monthly.

And if the ability to create fortune while investing minimal effort seems like a fairytale in your eyes, I suggest you go to THIS article in our LinkedIn profile and get to know your ticket out of the programming and into the financial freedom club!

So what would you prefer to do, work around the clock and make good money seasonally, or work on your own terms and make breathtaking earnings year around? 

Table of Contents

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